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Ford Racing Crate Engines & Information

When you want reliable Ford power in your Mustang, Ford hot rod, muscle car or classic truck, call on Ford Racing, the trusted name in Ford Powered Crate Engines. Reliability and known power are the main attractions to Ford Racing engines. You know what you're getting when you buy one. Sure, you can build a small or big block Ford engine yourself. Unless you spend a lot of time testing, buying parts and retesting, you won't know what you've actually built until you've spent a lot of time and money on different versions of the same engine parts. That's the Ford Racing Parts Crate Engines advantage

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Ford Racing offers anything from a basic crate SBF 302, to a high-tech modular 4.6 Liter Cammer motor. Big block Ford motors pound out 580 horsepower and 600 lb* ft of torgue.

Download the Ford Crate Engine Overview PDF Here.

Download the Ford Crate Engine Installation & Tuning Tips Here.

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Ford Big Block Crate Engine