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5.0 Liter "Cammer" Race Version - M-6007-R50 - Ford Racing Crate Motor

Engine Specifications:

  • Approved for use in Grand American Road Racing, GS Class, for the 2005 Mustang
  • This is the same engine as used in the FRPP Mustang FR500C Grand-Am Cup race car
  • Unique FRPP 5.0L modular block
  • Utilizes the same cylinder heads as used on the 2005 Ford GT
  • 11.0:1 compression ratio
  • Performance intake manifold M-9424-R50
  • Twin 57 mm throttle body
  • Unique camshafts designed specifically for this engine
  • High capacity "road-race" oil pan with integrated baffling and windage tray
  • Additional wiring harness(es) required depending on application

modular Ford Crate Engine M-6007-R50

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