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5.0L 302 - 390 Horsepower M-6007-Z50Z - Uses Z303 Camshaft - Ford Racing Crate Motor

390 horsepower at a sweet price. The Z50Z is built using the Sportsman 2 bolt block. This engine uses the Z303 camshaft. The difference between the 360 horsepower version (M-6007-Z50E) and this engine is the cam. The Z50Z includes Forged pistons and connecting rods. Topping the Z50Z off are the Z304 aluminum heads with 2.02 inch intake and 1.60 inch exhaust valves. These heads flow even better than the GT-40 "X" heads. You add your induction and distributor.

Engine Specifications:

  • New heavy-duty 5.0L Sportsman block, oil and water pumps. and harmonic damper
  • Great engine for serious performance applications
  • Note: Photo and specs may vary
    This engine package includes:
  • A new Sportsman block 2-bolt main long block engine assembly. Custom built with the same quality controls as a new production engine
  • Ford Racing Z304 aluminum cylinder heads. They have 2.02 inch intake and 1.60 inch exhaust valves and flow significantly better than GT-40 “X" heads
  • The M-6007-Z50Z includes a Ford Racing high performance hydraulic roller camshaft that provides significant horsepower increases above 4000 RPM with good mid-range torque. Valve lift is .552" intake and exhaust. Duration at .050 inch is 228 degrees intake and exhaust
    Installation Notes:

    Some or all of the following items may need to be changed from your original engine or modified for proper installation:

  • Oil pan is a production style 5 qt. fox body pan. Pan contains no baffling. Change to a high performance oil pan (increased capacity and baffling) that fits your application if necessary.
  • This engine is built for V-belt accessory drive. For serpentine front drive applications the front cover and water pumps will have to be changed.
  • Engine is shipped without an intake manifold. Intake M-9424-E302 was used to achieve 360 HP and an intake with Weber carburetors for 390 HP.
  • Use intake gasket part number M-9430-A50
  • 30 lb. Injectors required for EFI applications.
  • Firing order is 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8.
  • Engine assembly does not include flywheel. See pages 127-128 for flywheels. This engine requires 50 oz. inch unbalanced flywheel.
  • Photo and specs may vary.
  • Shipping weight approximately 405 lbs.

small block Ford Crate Engine M-6007-Z50Z

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